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Dr. Marcia B. Levi
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Dr. Ann Mack

Born Ann Gwen Mack on September 23, 1960 to Ruby Hinnant (now deceased) and James S. Mack, she considers herself to be a very modest native Washingtonian who has given herself very little credit for her accomplishments in life. Seeking and searching for a closer Christian walk, she spent most of her early church life hopping from church to church, as much as she club hopped in her younger years, because she believed there was much more to life than the pain, ups and downs the world had presented as an option – in her eyes.  First volunteering during the World Trade Center Disaster clean-up through her employment with The Salvation Army, she encountered what she calls a poltergeist experience which opened her eyes to the supernatural being far more real than she had imagined.  But, it was not until 2006 when she learned it was possible to develop and have a real relationship with God that she began to seek and recognize her God-appointed purpose!   This came after making a request to God to materialize and pull up a chair to allow her to have a one-on-one face-to-face conversation with Him concerning the issues of her life.  During this life altering supernatural Christian experience, she would never forget, she was quickened by the Holy Spirit in the middle of a meeting surrounded by twelve of her Salvation Army World Service Office co-workers which led to the beginning of her accelerated training with the Holy Spirit as her personal teacher.

Moving forward, although she still struggles to escape the stereotypes that are currently prevalent within her immediate surroundings to be viewed and accepted as a serious minded scholar to excel even further in her secular career, God keeps showing Himself strong in her life to encourage her to embrace her successes and willingness to soar in spite of the imaginary glass ceiling through her spiritual journey.  As part of her life’s lessons and challenges, as orchestrated and allowed by God, He pushes her beyond the boundaries and limitations she has encountered to reveal to her that she can “in deed” accomplish what others are so quick to tell her that she cannot!  Following the leading of the LORD, she has yielded to the call on her life to minister the Gospel to include writing and teaching what thus says the LORD.


  • From What Tribe Were You Birthed?  Understanding the Significance of Aaron’s Breastplate.
  • She was also asked to co-author a book along with nine other women to encourage women and men to redefine BEaYOUty (beauty)!  That book is titled, Perfectly Imperfect:  Seeing Yourself Through The Eyes of God.

Cathy Bamji

My story is a convergence of circumstances and it is only in hindsight that I can even see the path I followed. It began when my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1996. In order to deal with the stress and emotions I returned to journaling, writing down everything that came into my head. My mom was given a diagnosis of six months, but we spent three amazing years together. During that time I took every opportunity to ask the unasked questions; write down and record thoughts and stories and images; and to listen in a way I had not really listened before. Looking back, this was my pivotal moment – my moment of new awareness and re-connection; remembering a lost dream, hidden talents and suppressed desires.

My passion in life has always been to help others. For over twenty years I have been doing that in the business world as a consultant, facilitator and project manager. But the journal (now book) sat in the back of my mind and on the shelf in my office – periodically sending out signals until the day I recognized it as an expanded calling. I could channel my desire to help others into providing a space for people to do what I did – ask the unasked questions, remember the lost dream, rekindle talents and pursue desires long forgotten. And so that is what I do – hold a space for you to (re)discover you… and in turn provide for myself a life of purpose and joy.

Learning new things
I have dedicated myself to learning a new craft, to pursuing philosophies, methods and tools to help others discover their own path and support them on their journey. Many of the tools and skills I use as an effective facilitator have benefited me in this new arena. Now as a Board Certified Coach I continue the journey into deeper learning in the areas of personal leadership, resiliency and narrative coaching.

Methods and tools
I believe answers are found through learning and exploration: self-understanding and acceptance, leveraging strengths and talents, trying new things and learning from them, taking chances and changing direction.
To do this I take advantage of a wide variety of assessments and exercises to create awareness, and ask thought-provoking questions to help my clients create meaning and purpose; explore core beliefs; and take action on their goals. Some clients find it useful to incorporate writing and/or meditation into their daily routines as a way to quiet the mind and hear the internal messages.

I wish you joy and peace!

Stacey Stone

Change is difficult. At times we look to others to assist us in making the changes in our lives, our relationships and in ourselves. Stacey believes that everyone needs someone to talk to and work through major changes at some point in their lives. As a therapist, she is blessed to walk beside her clients as they journey through the change that life has presented. Stacey works diligently to bring clients to a better place. “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just the first step.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Link to my page on our counseling website: http://www.safeharbor1.com/counselors/Counselor_Stacey_Lundquist.php

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